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Part 1


Plants carry their medicine at varying levels of density from the chemical to the etheric, all aspects resonating in unison as the plant but expressing its diversity through these overlapping dimensions. These frequencies of nature can be beneficial to the beings who are out of alignment with the pulses and resonances of the earth. For the humans who have many mental, physical and spiritual maladies due to their perceived separation from the earth and from spirit, the plants and tree spirits can be our personal inner health service. Through unison with them on all levels they can realign us back to our natural way of being. Because they are structured in the same way as us and because we are all made of the same elements they can heal us while at the same time teach us how to heal ourselves and be our own physician. Plants can help us transform an isolated, scared and conditioned individual to a sovereign, soul conscious being in alignment both with mother earth and with higher purpose. 


Part 2


Sambucus nigra

Illustration by Edward Foster


''The combination of Elder’s air and earth elements means she is a direct conduit to the spirit realm. Elder not only prepares us for the journey but knows the way back to the land of the ancestors and escorts human spirits through the veil when we die. She is a powerful psychopomp who can release traumas from the wombs of women before carrying them over and will shapeshift into motherly aspects to reassure the human spirit that they are safe. Elder is the tree of death in the Ogham alphabet and is often found growing under the tree beyond death, the Yew. Together they work in harmony as the yew holds the portal to the land of our ancestors and Elder escorts us through.

Elder is known as a tree of initiation and for the trainee healer or shaman she can give us a taste of death, take us very close to it or even through the veil and bring us back again in order to awaken inner strength and other qualities that we are lacking for our work and life.''


''If there is one plant to start your journey with the plant spirits it should be Mugwort, the stunningly beautiful and beneficent Artemisia vulgaris. I could write an entire book dedicated to this most bounteous and gifted healer but here I want to present some of her most powerful metaphysical qualities to galvanise this part of the journey with a plant spirit that could easily become a lifetime friend. We covered the importance of psychic hygiene in chapter 4 and Mugwort is one of our key allies in working with us to achieve this energetic integrity. A master cleanser and tantric genius, Mugwort can transmute many types of toxic energies and release all manner of entities and intrusions from the energy field and body. Over time, as she does this on a deeper and deeper level she helps to unfurl our shamanic and psychic senses from their hibernation place. Through cycles of time within spirals of healing she realigns us back to our original human blueprint. Instantaneous healing is not uncommon with the witch queen but don't underestimate your complexity, other realignments are not overnight processes.''


Artemisia vulgaris

Illustration by Edward Foster


Taxus Baccata

Illustration by Edward Foster


    ''As the footprints of the Yew reveal themselves upon the course of ones life it naturally leads to the contemplation of destiny and fate. The debate between fate and free-will rages on as new age theories and egotism overlay confusion and complexity onto what is essentially a rather straight forward natural law. Let’s start at the beginning, the birth of the universe. All esoteric and wisdom teachings conclude that the universe we inhabit emerged from a single source through the power of the word, i.e. through the unfoldment of the elements giving space to frequency. But what gave the impetus for the unfoldment in the first place? What ignited the beginning, if there is indeed one? The one who initiates birth is the Great Mother. Everything is born of woman so it can only be from the universal feminine principle that the earth is born and from the womb of mother nature that we are born. As we see through close inspection of plants and through the fibonacci sequence, our universe is fractal so if we emerged from the womb so did the universe. Micro as a reflection of the macro and visa versa.''

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