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Emma Farrell


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The Guide To Working Shamanically With Plants

Journeys With Plant Spirits

Learn to communicate and work with plant and tree spirits for psycho-spiritual healing, a deeper connection with nature and awakening your eternal spirit.

Our ancient ancestors understood the language of nature, enabling them to communicate innately with plants. By calming the mind, we too can tap into the vibratory resonance of plants and receive their wisdom and healing.

In this guide, Emma Farrell lays the foundations for taking your connection and relationship with nature to a deeper level and accessing plant spirit healing through meditations and journeys with plant spirits. She explores the nature of plant consciousness and how plants perceive, drawing on indigenous, Celtic shamanic and magic lore. She details how to achieve a calm mind, cleanse your energy field, and connect with your inner warrior in order to address and move through issues, trauma and destructive habits. She shows how the plants can support us not only in the cleansing process but also in teaching us how to sense what is in our energy field and the importance of keeping it cleansed.

Offering a progressive series of preparatory meditations, shamanic journeys and practices adapted from wisdom traditions and offered by the plants themselves, the author reveals a roadmap for working, communicating, and developing relationships with plant and tree spirits for personal development, spiritual connection, and self-mastery.

Part two of the book presents meditational journeys with specific plant spirits, focusing on specific frequencies within the plant’s bio-resonance to assist you. For example, the meditation with Mugwort works with the plant spirit’s qualities of alignment and self-awareness to assist you with grounding and developing inner vision, while the meditation with Dandelion helps break old habits by working with the plant’s qualities of release, reconnection, and fearlessness. 

Revealing how each plant is an expression of the soul force of Mother Nature and carries a unique blend of her medicine and wisdom, this guide details step-by-step how to effectively work with plant spirits for emotional and spiritual healing with the objective, as all the Mystery Schools of old taught, of awakening your eternal spirit, to become truly multidimensional and whole.

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